When You Need A Third – How To Get It Done

What is proper etiquette when you and your sex buddy want to introduce more people to your sexcapades but you definitely don’t want to use craigslist? Does such etiquette exist when it comes to something considered so…uncouth?

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately and since having a threesome—or moresome—tops most people’s sexual fantasies I think it’s time we agree on some type of pick up courtesy. This will make it easier and less awkward for all involved.

When She Wants It

If it’s the woman requesting the threesome is it her responsibility to secure the third party? A lot of my girlfriends have trouble with this one because they are under the impression that one of two things will happen if they initiate talk of a threesome. First they think it means they are gay. Second they think that once they mention even the slightest curiosity he will want it to become a regular thang.

My suggestion ladies, is if YOU want the third then it is your responsibility to find her and convince her. This way you can be sure you end up with a woman you find attractive rather than whatever leather-faced skank your man can muster up. And honestly you can get someone attractive enough but not so attractive that you worry about her and your guy doin’ the nasty while you’re at work.

If you want the third to be a him you will also have to do the hunting because I can assure you that even if your dude is willing, he will not risk the embarrassment and potential “gayness” involved with approaching another straight man for sex.

When He Wants It

When he wants a threesome I still think it is the woman who should choose the third. Since there is a 100% percent chance he will want your third to come equipped with tits and a vagina, you still want to choose the woman lucky enough to share your man.

This means you’ll have to ‘man up’ and be willing to approach her on your own.

threesomes and other sex multiples

Location, Location, Location

Ah, the biggest problem with actually finding a third person for your sex play is where to find them. Of course your local watering hole is always an option but do you really want to shit where you eat? Whether you have a good time or bad in the sack, chances are good you’ll run into this person again…are you ok with that?

If you choose to do this in person—and you should—I suggest a bar in a neighborhood filled with the type of people you wouldn’t mind fucking but not places you go to regularly. This way you can find that hipster or corporate tycoon to tie up and share without having to see them at every happy hour event.

Then there is always the internet. Sure it allows for a larger selection but even with Craigslist or the other hook up places the kids are trying out these days…you never know what you’re gonna get. While the net can do a lot, there are still some things in life that must be done face to face. This is one of them.

They can send you a photo of themselves from 10 years ago if they even send you a picture of themselves at all. Then you have to contend with the potential psychopath, crazed murderer or flat out thief in your home while you’re sated and slumbering. Doesn’t make for a peaceful post-coital sleep though, trust me.

The Approach

Finally there is the approach. While you can just march up to the man or woman who catches your eye and say “hey wanna bang me and mine?” It’s probably not the best ploy.

Ladies this is important; when you approach another woman for a threesome you cannot approach her like she’s your girlfriend. You have to, nay must flirt with her and let her know this is more than simple girl talk. Act towards her the same as you would with a man so your intentions are clear. When the time is right, bring your man over so its crystal clear.

You can always go on the hunt by yourself and surprise him. When he comes home from work you can she can be in your best lingerie ready and waiting. That way you get what you want (maybe even a preview, or taste test if you will) and he gets what he wants: you and another woman. At the same time.

That is what we call a win-win. 

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