About Us

Better Where It’s Wetter, the blog, is just that. We are two women who overwhelmingly agree that it is better down where it’s wetter. Especially when it comes to our own vaginas. So in celebration of everything wet and slippery we wanted to share our thoughts with you about sex and other related topics.

You may be asking yourself “Why should I read your blog?” It’s true, there are so many blogs out there, sexy or not. And lots of people with lots of interesting stories. So how does one choose to waste their time perusing the internet with so many options? It’s hard. But we’ve come up with a few things that make us think we rock.

We’d like to think we’re smart. We both have degrees that we aren’t necessarily using but worked hard to get them. So we think we might have something intelligent to say. And that if you read what we write, you might learn.

We make each other laugh so we must be funny.

Better Where It's Wetter

We both have a background in the sex industry, working in sex shops and washing dirty underwear on porn sets. So we are completely unafraid to talk about sex and even less afraid to talk candidly about it.

Oh and, hey, we have sex. We’ve been there, we’ve done him (or her) and now we’re looking to pass on our advice, wisdom and humor to you.

Seriously, we understand that being a woman who enjoys sex and isn’t afraid to voice her sexual needs can feel like a lonely place, but here you are one of us. Whether you need advice and pointers to make you a better lover, need inspiration from erotic art from poems to stories and maybe even a few risqué photos or you just need to hear a funny story to let you know that you’re not alone seeking out the perfect orgasm…we’ve got it!

And if you aren’t a lady, or don’t completely agree it is better where it’s wetter, you might just enjoy laughing along with us.

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