Tie Me, Bind Me, Do Me

There are plenty of ways in which couples, fuck buddies, duos & trios and every other in between to keep the fire burning between the sheets. Some twosomes simply add more partners to the bedroom while others take more adventurous steps such as BDSM or voyeurism or more.

To each his or her own of course, but trying new things can keep things fresh and more importantly interesting.

Recently I was talked into attending a bondage party. Not a bondage-themed party but an actual bondage party where couples were clearly handcuffed, roped or flexi-cuffed to one another. There were no fuzzy handcuffs or lightly knotted ropes, NO, these people were serious about their fetish.

Very serious.

At first I was a little freaked out about how deeply they were into bondage, but once I witnessed some less tightly bound couples, I got kind of aroused. When it comes to some things I am the first to admit that I can be a bit…vanilla. Being tied up is one of them.

Call it trust issues if you will, but it requires a lot of trust to allow someone to bind your limbs and submit all control to them. Of course you can argue that in the throes of passion we all submit control but that’s a physical submission as your body is being overtaken by waves of orgasm. This is a physical and mental submission, saying “I trust you not to rape my face and slice me open.”bondage sex

But after seeing this very hot Asian chick tied in a myriad ways while being pleasured by her Hottie McHot-Shit man, I was moistening. Quickly. First by watching him tie her up with such care, making sure the ropes weren’t too tight and that the knots didn’t dig into her. That kind of behavior showed me that some of my worst fears about bondage would be unfounded with the right partner.

Then I was completely blown away when his first act, after tying all four limbs to the bed posts on the stage, was to kiss and lick every single solitary well-toned inch of her body. Then he spent about 15 minutes (I lost count after my eyes started to cloud over in desire) licking and lapping between her legs.


I admit, again, that I had it pegged all wrong. My first thought at bondage was that the guy of course wants to tie you up so he can do all the things to you that you never let him do freely. My mind would quickly flash to big hairy man feet being shoved into my mouth and a big stiff one being plunged deep into my chocolate starfish.

But he made sure Asian hottie was wet and sated and welcoming him into all her openings. In fact she was begging for him to thrust into her mouth, her pussy and her ass, of course he eagerly obliged.

By the time she moaned and mewled for the third time I was ready to grab my man and jet to the nearest store for ropes, cuffs and scarves to bind each other to any sturdy surface we could find!

I guess what I’m saying is that a little bondage—by a little I mean as much as you’re comfortable with—can enhance your pleasure. If you’re with a partner you can trust it’s like losing one of your key senses. Because you can’t grip the sheets or shove his head deeper in your twat the sensation is much more thrilling. You can thrash all you want but that’s all you can do.

Take my advice, get bound up and blindfolded and you will certainly have a night you won’t soon forget! 

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