Porn + Sex = Fun?

It should come as no surprise that most humans prefer a little mood music during sex. What might surprise you is the many different types of music that people listen to during sex, from Juvenile to Nine Inch Nails to staples like Sade and Jewel (don’t judge me).

But there is another type of mood music that some prefer when they do the deed. Of course these are mostly couples or those with an ongoing sexual relationship, but the ‘bow chicka bow wow’ type of mood music is a perfectly legitimate way to spice things up in the bedroom. That’s right, porn.

I’ve found that deciding what type of porn to watch or listen to during sex can be as contentious as figuring out who gets control of the remote. So today we’ll talk about how to choose the right mood music and when it’s appropriate.


If you’re just trying to get off without pretensions or foreplay then you probably want to go for straight vanilla boy girl porn. The formulaic strip tease—jack off—blow job–multi-position—pop shot provides very little imagination but enough stimulation to get the job done quickly.

Most women find this traditional boy girl porn tame enough to allow it in the bedroom and it’s a good way to introduce porn to your sex life.

But if you want something a little more…

Girl On Girl

I know some women have issues with girl-on-girl porn but listen up ladies: this is not lesbian porn it is simply a little ‘girl on girl’ action. It doesn’t mean you’re gay, but I will say this; girl on girl porn is one of the only types that focuses on pleasing the woman since two women are involved.

Maybe it’s because I love having my lady parts licked like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, but I truly enjoy watching that part of girl on girl porn. Besides I find that it gets his engine revved up more than usual and makes him tackle that slick pearl with more vigor than he does during vanilla porn.

And if your guy isn’t orally gifted, girl on girl provides a few essential pointers!

Dude On Dude

Ok I’ve been with some pretty open-minded guys but none have been open minded enough to allow boy-boy porn to play during the nasty. Personally I find it hot watching two big masculine sweaty dudes going at it, I find that most men do…not.

Orgies & Gangbangs

For the experimental couples who need more than the basics to get off, orgies tend to provide perfect stimulation. With so many people involved there’s enough happening to please anyone—especially if your bed has more than 2 people in it—and you get a wide variety of positions.

A word of caution though guys; your girl may think of this as a subtle hint at a threesome or a moresome. If you’re not, or at least not directly, you may want to let her know that you just want something a little different this time.

The right kind of porn is essential to getting your partner involved. If you choose something non-vanilla you want to make sure the girl looks like she’s having fun OR your girl may not have fun…if she goes for it at all. Don’t choose any flicks where girls are crying or pretending to be raped unless of course your girl has that particular fantasy.

This is where it pays to know what she wants. Introduce porn to your bedroom by playing out her fantasies and see how quickly it becomes the norm and you can move on to bigger, kinkier things!

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