His Back Door

I’ve heard that during sex some men don’t mind—or even prefer—a little back door action during sex or blow jobs. Of course there are also some men who would rather go without an orgasm than allow you near their sacred brown hole.

But short of him saying “stick a finger in my arse,” how do you really know if it’s okay to even attempt it? Now I’ve had a few guys surprise me in that way and I have to say I responded to it none too kindly. Is this something you can simply experiment with or must you get permission for entry first?

I’m torn about how one would go about approaching his back door. I mean it isn’t unheard of for a man to “accidentally slip” his stiffy into the back door and if I’m the one about to take a huge load in my mouth, isn’t it my prerogative to slip my fingers where I please?

Of course not I know logically, but theoretically what would be so wrong with it if it was just the pinky?

I have to admit I have slid a pinky or two into the brown eye of a few dudes, but I also have to admit that neither of them enjoyed it. At all.

his back door_rafa nadal

The first time was retaliatory. A guy named Smokey (yes as in ‘the bear’) did it to me once while he was working his magical tongue over my under-carriage. I mean my whole undercarriage and I’m not ashamed (any longer) to admit that his tongue felt good over my own brown eye. However since it was just a ploy for him to goose my ass with his finger, I learned to like it a little less.

So the next time we hooked up (don’t ask why there was even a second time) I decided that while I made quick work of his first boner that I would see if it felt as good (awful) for him as it did for me.

Judging by the way his anal muscles nearly snapped off my pinky, I knew he wasn’t impressed by it. But here’s the interesting tidbit; he hated it but he came like Old Faithful!

Then there was Brad who was so utterly masculine that I was certain I’d leave his apartment with a black eye for even attempting to enter his no man’s land. But to my surprise he not only backed up onto my finger, but he requested my middle finger instead of my dainty little lady-pinky.

I obliged, and the way he bucked into my mouth and trembled after depositing an impressive load in my mouth that I must admit, I was a little turned on.

The thing is that as turned on as I was by his response I felt nothing, nada, zip, zilch by sticking my finger in his bunghole. As much as I’ve always wished I could be a man for a day just to feel what it’s like to have cum coursing through my penis as I spilled it into a vagina milking me empty, a finger up the bum did not in any way put me near that experience.

I have yet to butt finger a guy who responded violently but it is still a tricky situation. As violently as I might react by a slip of a finger or penis into my back door, I would expect a hetero man may act the same. Or worse.

If I ever have the misfortune of finding out…you’ll be the first to know!

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