Yes Virginia, Real Women DO Squirt!

I know that most people, especially women but really men and women alike, believe that the female ejaculation known as ‘squirting’ in porn, is totally fake. Sometimes it is but it is quite a real female phenomenon. I know because I am a squirter.

Of course I’m not talented or hydrated enough to squirt during every (or even most) sexual encounters but when I do…I do it right.

The truth is that I came up on squirting quite by accident when I was about 20 years old. And it scared the hell out of me.

There was a guy visiting from another university and we happened to be at the same frat party. Typical, I know. But he was sexy with bedroom eyes (probably from too much weed but I liked it) and grinding a hole in my black party pants so I already knew I wanted to take him home to see what he could do with my hot wet hole. What can I say, it was my slutty stage (that I call college & beyond) and I had a one track mind and that track was on the cock train.

Anyway he was rocking my twenty year old world properly. He went downtown, which was close to a miracle because it didn’t happen as much as I would’ve liked back then, and he used tongue and fingers which had me mewling like freshly groomed cat. Let’s just say he lived up to the reputation of his fraternity to be very skilled cunnilinguists!

So where was I?

Right, so after all that foreplay was out of the way I didn’t think I had any more orgasms in me. But being relatively inexperienced and completely new to the idea of multiple orgasms, I stayed focused and took all he had to offer. He was large, but more than large he curved perfectly, contrary to what my squealing suite-mates believed about a curved penis, and he just kept hitting my spot over and over and over and over again.

Imagine my surprise when I began shaking and trembling and riding up and up on that wave of orgasmic pleasure only to come down quite ready for a good night’s sleep only to find a large amount of liquid oozing between my legs. And when I say liquid I mean liquid as in water, not cum.

the female ejaculation

I was so embarrassed, thinking I’d peed on myself during sex, despite all I knew about bodily functions and sex. I simply could not understand what was going on—this was before I became so acquainted with the world of porn—and I was mortified. Until I looked up at his shit-eating grin.

Here I am ready to sink as far into my dorm-issued mattress as it would allow and he’s staring down at me like he just beat the Kenyans for the Boston Marathon!

“So I guess that’s never happened to you, huh?” He asked, while still inside me. All I could do was shake my head, still mortally embarrassed.

He was a good sport and explained to me what was happening, but what was more incredible was that with every subsequent stroke he was able to wrench a few drops, even the occasional stream from me. It was like I’d learned a new trick!

After a few hours of sleep, I tested out my new trick on the next go round and I was thrilled, amazed and so intoxicated by how he responded to the additional wetness.

Of course these days I don’t squirt often but when I do, my man gets turned on like you would not believe.

Some things high school Sex Ed just can’t teach you…

THEN there was the second time and I was all alone with a vibrating egg with 10 different settings…

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