What To Do With Leftovers?

I’ve talked a lot about oral sex, to the point that some might say I have a fetish for it. Those of you who say that, would be correct.

In that spirit I was giving a very enthusiastic blow job the other day purely for the sport of getting my man off. For a variety of reasons we didn’t have sex at all last week and I’d been reading a lot of erotica which put me in the mood for a porno-style blow job. Let me say that I give great blow jobs. Super awesome, really. I have nice plump lips, enthusiasm and I know how to use my tongue. Plus my mouth is big enough to swipe the balls with the tip of my tongue as I go.

Yeah…he loves it.

But he also knows that I don’t enjoy the taste of semen. His cum smells good but no matter what he eats I gag and choke on it the moment it hits my taste buds. Usually after he blows his load all in my mouth, I promptly go to the bathroom and spit it in the toilet or down the drain. And this got me to thinking…what do women who don’t swallow do with the cum once it is in their possession?

I get rid of it ASAP but he doesn’t care since I have it and am free to do what I choose, but I know a few girls who are a bit more creative or disgusting depending on your perspective.

My friend Monica who works in porn says she prefers to let her guy squirt all over her face or tits afterwards. She hates to swallow—even for work—and he loves to cum all over her so that’s what she does. However she did tell me that one time she took the load and spit it back in his face, not out of malice, but just so she could see if she would find it as hot as he did. She didn’t and he was pissed.

blow job leftovers

I have to say that my friend Ravia has the most creative way to get rid of her man’s junk. Surprisingly she tried this on him as a one night stand and he stuck around. I don’t know if he was terrified or truly turned on but he loved it.

Ravia’s favorite thing to do after getting a big ol’ wad of cum deposited into her mouth is to slowly spit it back out over his pubes, cock and lower abdomen and then smear it in! I thought it was weird and incredibly messy since semen tends to get very sticky very fast. I don’t think he knows that I know but whenever he makes a mess, I snicker lightly to myself.

It’s interesting the different ways we come up with to get rid of cum. I guess we’re lucky that it’s us in charge of getting rid of it by swallowing, spitting or in Ravia’s case, rubbing it in. If it were up to men I’m sure they would just spit in on the sheets for us to clean up later…after we slept in it!

I’m thinking of just getting a bucket or sawing the top off a can of beer and leave it by the bed. This loft apartment means I have to trudge all the way downstairs to get rid of, which on wobbly sex legs is no small feat. Although last time I simply spat it in the living room trash can and days later he was like “why do I smell cum every time I go downstairs?”

I shrugged, “I dunno.” 

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