Myself Tastes Quite Good

The other day an old high school friend attempted to friend me on Facebook. This is one of the main reasons I loathe FB. I mean I am traveling throughout Europe right now and use it as a means to keep in touch with my real friends but also my TV friends like Rachel Maddow. I do not use it to get in touch with people I have not talked to or thought of since I graduated high school in 1998.

Anyway this particular request had me jogging my memory and then I remembered Salvador. He introduced me to pot, for which I will be eternally grateful. But he and I also had a (stoner) conversation about which type of oral sex was more disgusting.

Being a guy he thought eating pussy was worse because it’s an innie. Of course I disagreed and said giving head was worse because it rubs against all kinds of shit all day and if you’re lucky maybe even comes in contact with toilet water. Eww, I know but we were overly bright high school stoners.

Anyway this got me to thinking about another topic that I didn’t always enjoy: the taste of myself.

I can admit that I used to be a little freaked out, ok squeamish, about tasting my own juices. I thought it was gross or perhaps meant something about my own sexuality if I were to not only partake, but enjoy it.

But then I encountered a man who loved to finger me or fuck me and then put his fingers and/or cock in my mouth right after. First let me say, I taste very delicious and this sexual encounter probably had something to do with my comfort in seducing the ladies. But when I saw how turned on he was, I actually loved it. I mean like psychotically loved it to the point sometimes requesting it myself in the middle of a hot & heavy session between the sheets.

tasting your sex

During my stint as a Production & Talent coordinator in porn I encountered this a lot. The girl-girl porn often featured women licking dildos after taking it out of themselves (or other girls) and in guy on girl porn, well this seems to be a favorite of porn makers and watches alike. But after talking to a few of my porn friends they assured me that getting a taste of themselves during the act helped get them off.

Of course some of my less evolved female friends who are safely ensconced in their 30’s seem to think that this is still gross but whenever I can, I urge them to at least give it whirl. The glint in my man’s eyes when he pulls out of my pussy and rams into my mouth is a look that gives me chills before the friction even starts.

I’m sure it helps that my natural taste is honey like and that I wash with bergamot & verbena body wash so it’s an overall palate pleaser. Don’t get me wrong when I’m jackin’ myself off I work on my lovely sensitive nipples not tasting the dildo but when someone else is involved my idea about tasting myself is, don’t mind if I do! Not to brag but I think if you want a guy to nose dive into your lady lips then you shouldn’t balk at the idea of tasting yourself.

Guys this goes for you too. So many of you don’t like to kiss after a girl swallows your jizz, but if you don’t like the taste of it, why should she? Plus if you get a taste of your asparagus cum maybe you’ll take better care of what you eat!

Which is just another reason I like how myself tastes. 

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