Are You Ever Too Old For A Good Finger Bangin’?

A long, long time ago on a campus far, far away there was a young girl who held the belief that finger banging was passé. Having graduated to cocks so long ago, she felt that fingers simply couldn’t provide the same pleasure as the penetration of a stiff and throbbing dick.

Then she met a guy. Not a prince, just a simple guy who took the art of finger banging to Chopin levels. This guy really knew how to play his instrument; making sure all the strings were tuned and perfectly moist, he could make the young girl squeal in delight with just a few flicks of his fingers.

I won’t insult you by making you guess who the young girl is but I will tell you that in this not-so-young girl’s opinion one can never be too old to give or receive, a good finger banging.

What we thought was finger banging back in 7th or 8th or even 10th grade is nothing compared to a truly good and effective finger bang. It requires more knowledge of the vagina that a teenage boy has, no matter how many issues of Penthouse or Hustler he’s read. Finger banging is about much more—so much more—than inserting the right amount of fingers inside a slick pussy. It’s also about paying ample attention to clit as well as knowing how to hook the fingers properly to hit the right spot.

When done properly, finger banging can be more than foreplay. It can be the main event, or at least one of many orgasms to come.

The key is to start off stroking the clit with no more than two fingers to get it good and wet and ready the pussy up for the fingers. Once the clit is hard and the pussy sufficiently wet, start with one finger and slip it in carefully. Take your time to explore inside those walls and list for the requisite ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ so you know what to do when the tempo speeds up.

Then you have to figure out how many fingers are enough. Some women feel good with just one finger—I’m not one of those women—but one is a good place to start. Use the popcorn rule to figure out if and when to add more fingers. If her moans and groans come more than 5 seconds apart, she needs more fingers!

When you’re at 2 or 3 fingers, or 4 for the adventurous woman, figure out the right positioning of your fingers—hooking up or down—to get her to that special place.

get fingered good!

If you know what you’re doing, finger banging can be as pleasurable as a stiff one. Ladies if you turn your nose up at getting your lady bits fingered, do it to yourself—for scientific purposes only, of course—and figure out what you like. Finger out how many fingers you like and can take and embrace it. It’ll come in handy when you find one of those weird guys who won’t go down on you. This way if he’s hot enough, you don’t have to send him packing until after you come.

Guys please have low cut and clean nails before you start digging into pussy land. Don’t be afraid to use the pad of your fingers and don’t be afraid get your whole hand involved.

You never know what she likes until you try. You know, they say it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission so…give it a go. 

3 thoughts on “Are You Ever Too Old For A Good Finger Bangin’?

  1. As a guy, fingering a girl’s pussy can be a huge turn-on. You also get a different view (more full-body) than you do when you’re inserted, and it’s cool. (Don’t want JUST to rub her off ALL the time, but every now and then it’s cool – and as you know, I LOVE watching a girl bring herself off!)

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