Essential Seduction Tools

When it comes to getting myself, or someone else, in the mood there are certain tools on which I rely. Some are outright sexual while others are more of mental stimulator to subliminally get you in the mood.

Let me just say that unless I’m seducing more than the body, I find candles unnecessary. Sure they smell yummy and I actually love candles but honestly the time it takes to light a room full of candles could be better spent trimming my vee or buying lingerie.

As a hippie and pothead however, I do often burn incense. Patchouli, jasmine, opium, sandalwood and all other varieties of earthy scents serve my purposes just well. The musky odor permeating through the house sets the perfect stage for the seduction scene while the seductee is none the wiser.

Weed: I know, drugs are passé, but I love marijuana and it’s relaxing and calming and oh so delicious! Although I long ago graduated from joints & blunts, I find a shared joint brings attention focused on one of my best assets; my mouth. A slow pull and an exaggerated o-shape as you exhale the smoke and he (or she) will be rock hard, soaking wet and ready to get to the next part of the evening. A few puffs of the right strain and everyone involved will be feeling a little more…in the mood. Plus, a nice sativa tends to make my inner pervert even more creative and that spells fun for all involved.

Heated Lube: Although I get plenty wet on my own, thank you very much, the sensation or the mere suggestion of some heated lube gets’em all revved up and ready to go.

Lace Underwear: Really any type of sexy underwear will do the trick, but lace works perfectly because it is uber-feminine and it allows just enough to peek through the fabric to send the object of your seduction into an erotic fit. Any color will do, but I find red, white, pink and black work the best for some reason.

Slow Jamz: Of course I have several different iTunes playlist dedicated to seduction, sex and afterglow. Which list I play (seems like another post idea!) depends on the seductee. If it’s a one night stand and there are no pretenses of romance then I’ll go for my ‘hardcore’ list which features a favorite fuck song of mine, Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. It’s gritty and raw and perfect for frenzied and heated fucking.

Booze: Booze is always optional of course but a nice Bordeaux is one way in which I like to wind down at the end of a long day. When it comes to seduction alcohol isn’t a necessary part of the equation but an uptight or sexually timid partner makes a glass (or more) of wine, whiskey or vodka necessary.

seduction tools wine

Magic Bullet: For those partners I’ve already had, I find that the suggestion of watching me get myself off is a great seduction technique. Men and women both enjoy watching their partners masturbate and it’s a magnificent foreplay tool. Now you don’t want to intimidate a man with a big ass 10” dildo, but a tiny silver or pink magic bullet that stimulates the clit…well let’s just say this little toy renders weed, wine and sexy underwear virtually unnecessary.  

Bonus seduction points for a bullet with a remote control that you hand over to the seductee! You will be promptly thrown down and thoroughly ravished within seconds!

The key to a good seduction is that the person has no clue they’re being seduced. “Oh these lace thong panties? I just like the feel of lace against my private parts,” works perfectly well with a well-timed lip bite. Or “I’ve always wanted to masturbate in front of someone else,” will have them raising their hands to volunteer.

The end result is the same: great sex, relaxing orgasms and a good night’s sleep. 

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