You Make Me Feel…

You make me feel like I’m on coke. My heart races and my mind runs a mile a minute. My body numbs to any pain. I am indestructible. All I can do is talk and talk and talk to you and I probably sound stupid but just the act of talking to you seems so vital. If I could, I’d snort you or shoot you into my veins.

I want you to close the distance between us until we can feel our breath on each other. Let’s sniff each other out like animals. The electricity bouncing off of our barely touching bodies. I want to taste you.

And like attracting magnets we can’t fight the force that wants us to bond together. We connect in a snap moment. The immediate intensity of being separate finally released. Our lips pull each other back and forth, fighting for the most. Free from the bondage of politeness, I become an octopus. My eight legs touch your back, your ass, your hair, your cheeks, your chest, your thighs.

I unzip your pants. Unbutton your shirt. Throw everything away in a fit of frustrated anger. It’s not fair the world can’t see how beautiful you are without your façade.

Now that you are real I want to be the last two puzzle pieces that make Earth complete. My lips snap away, photographing each inch of your body.

I open my legs and let you in as if I had a choice. I worry that my body might suck you in and you’d be lost inside of me forever. But then I could carry you around like a glowing, expectant mother.

Inside of me you fight, pulling, pushing, exorcising away anyone I might have let in before. You fuck me like you want to own me. And you do.

My blood boils to the surface. Now I’m on ecstasy and the first wave has just kicked in. Even your growls and slaps are melodious. I’m in a dirty Technicolor musical at the story’s climax. I even hit the hard high notes I never got in rehearsal.

Fuck I’m in the clouds.

And then I come down and you’re still there. It’s a rollercoaster that turns your stomach and makes you swear off scary rides. Until its over and you realize that you can’t live without that topsy-turvy feeling so you get back in line. Its enough, its not enough, I can’t get enough.

When I wake up wet and with you in my mind I want to fall back asleep and do it all over again.

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