Is It Weird I’m More Turned On Now That He’s In Jail?

Since a recent, um, acquaintance of mine was incarcerated I’m having some new feelings. Something snapped the last time I was on the “free to me” call from him in jail. Suddenly I am way more attracted to him. I find myself fantasizing about him, which I never really did before. Not in the “I can’t wait until he gets out” sorta way. Cause it’s probably better for me if bars keep us apart. It’s more the, “Suddenly you are way more sexy” sorta way.

sex with inmates

Before his situation, I was trying to move everything more towards the friend category, that’s how disinterested I was becoming. And it’s not even that I’m turned on by the fact that he’s in jail. That he’s a bad boy and I’m cooler now ‘cause I got an old man in prison. It’s more, like, since he’s gone to jail he sounds way more put together and far less needy.  Like he’s talking about getting his shit together. Going to therapy and AA meetings. This time around he wants things to be different.

Of course the phrase “this time around” makes me wonder why I’m even talking to someone who has to use that phrase. And at the same time it’s incredibly hot to hear a male voice take control.

But why the fuck didn’t he talk like that when I told him to mow my lawn? Not a euphemism here. Literally mow the grass in the lawn at the house I lived at. He wanted to know what he was gonna get out of it if he did. I said, “absolutely nothing”. And he just went along and mowed my lawn anyway.

I hope he’s not like that with other prisoners.

I assume he suddenly sounds like an adult, well, because he’s in jail. I don’t know much about jail, having thankfully never been, but I hear it’s not as fun as summer camp. Although I hear they have board games. I wonder if they have Chutes and Ladders or Candyland. Cause that wouldn’t be so bad. But, yeah, I think jail is grown up time.

I guess we shall see where this all goes. I have a video date with him, which really could go either way. That jumpsuit might jumpstart my heart or I’ll just pretend I moved and lost his prison ID number. Either way, I’d just like to thank his parole officer for sending the boy back to jail and reigniting my libido.

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